Sticking His Neck Out (again)

He’s probably not all the way down the rabbit hole, but I have to admire ol’ Slowhand for putting himself in the crosshairs about the shots (and his own adverse effect), and now his support of the vilified Mr. Kennedy.

I find it notably self-corroborating as to being, at least energetically, if not informationally, on the right track, that all truth seeking roads seem to converge, and not even all that gradually, that partisanship falls immediately away, and, also, that courtesy and civility between and among most, or maybe all, of the people sincerely following these converging paths is usually present, and rancor absent. 

Not unlike the difference between a dog instinctively wagging its tail or growling at someone, that’s my real barometer now, and I never ignore it.

DEC. ’23 UPDATE: Mr Kennedy’s head scratching support for Israel under apparently any circumstances has since (I originally posted this) cast a cloud over his public office venture and his character, alas, particularly considering his family’s past (which is possibly the explanation for it, as well), but Clapton’s gesture is not diminished by that.

Eric Clapton helps raise $1 million for RFK Jr. campaign

Eric Clapton helped raise $1 million for Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign at a private fundraiser on Monday night, Kennedy’s campaign announced Tuesday. Clapton and his band performed at an event, which raised a total of $2.2 million, including $1 million for Kennedy’s campaign and $1.2 million for a political action committee…

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