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Sticking His Neck Out (again)

He’s probably not all the way down the rabbit hole, but I have to admire ole Slowhand for putting himself in the crosshairs about the shots (and his own adverse effect), and now his support of the vilified Mr. Kennedy.

Some Chicagoland 5G Pushback

I’ve heard nothing but major (non-Luddite) warnings about the health and privacy (ending) consequences of 5G, yet, it continues its encroachment almost completely unabated, in spite of many public and scholarly protests. I no longer think that most people have any particular regard for their personal freedom, but it would…

The Drug Peace

It’s collectivist and it’s consequentialist (the state’s still involved, and the drugs aren’t decriminalized because it’s thought that adults own themselves and thus can ingest what they wish), but it’s clearly one of the better ways to handle the social issue that is drug abuse within the current western political…