Three Days of the Dodo

Another understated and funny essay by Mr. Revusky not quite ever stating his point baldly (part of that being, as he put it elsewhere, “that the Betty Ong we were presented after 9/11, Chinese Betty, almost certainly is a non-existent person”), leaving it, and its import, to be inferred. While reading this article, I thought of Redford’s film, Three Days of the Condor, and the room full of ‘readers’ his character was a member of (that got killed, besides himself), and thought that if there are readers, then there are ‘writers’, at intelligence agencies and think tanks, with people sitting around all day whose job it is to modify various historical records to fit official narratives, and to write those narratives. Seems like maybe Revusky happened upon the work of one of those writers, possibly inadvertantly sloppy, possibly intentionally so (in my view).

Revisiting 9/11, Betty Ong, and the Mystery of “Black Betty”

♫ Je vous parle d’un temps ♫ ♫ Que les moins de vingt ans ♫ ♫ Ne peuvent pas connaître ♫ Charles Aznavour I recall how, as a child, in my teens, and as a much younger man than now, people of the older generation would reminisce nostalgically about where they were when they heard that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.

And regarding duping delight, there is a fairly important public building, the Betty Ann Ong Recreation Center in San Francisco, named after her. I noticed some discussion of naming a freeway after her. Also, there was talk of naming a school after her. (Maybe that self-same George Washington High could get renamed after Betty!)

Imagine you’re the person who invented this phony person, the thrill you could get driving down the Betty Ong freeway!! Jon Revusky (in correspondence)