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As impressive and blessed as the internet has proven to be for disseminating information quickly and widely – and about topics and events never before discussed broadly, if at all before 2001 – and as much as I admire the big guns and the pioneers among the alt. news sites & truthers; all the libertarian-ish types, the anarchists/voluntarists and certain progressives out there running sites sounding the alarm about the many transgressions of the various forms of collectivism against logic, the fundamental rights of people, the environment and the animal world, et al, those alarms are relentless, and represent a tsunami of bad news, only occasionally mitigated by any ray of light.

But within that avalanche of urgent and ominous stories,

representing maybe 5-10% of what I see as I move through the various sites I frequent, are those ray of light stories about solutions, or victories, or good ideas, or, very often, there are just conversations, interviews between and among the awakened and thoughtful, and those conversations often contain solutions and tales of victories within them, but even when they don’t, the very fact that two non-zombies are having an intelligent chat I suspect makes both of them feel less hopeless, and I know it does me when I listen in.

So, my purpose here will be to collect in one place the links to those hopeful and positive stories and conversations as I cross their path out there in web land, because, well, no one else appears to be doing that, and the catastrophic news is being ably covered and aggregated elsewhere (and I read it, too), so this is something I feel like I can contribute to the mix, a gap I can fill. I hope those who visit here find it a useful and encouraging service.

I have never found it depressing to know more or have things suitably or better explained, and have never cared if that info conflicted with what I thought I already knew. So, as the picture above suggests, while a bit lonely, the black sheep, in this context, lives in the light, head up, while the throng, however nearby, is stuck in shadow, heads down, and I find that encouraging, for we black sheep, anyway, and for the long run. Just need to get the wool to come in darker for more people now.

Thanks for visiting.

The Black Sheep, October 1, 2017

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