Going Off the Groomed Trail

Having a Walden Two-ish aspect to it, so long as the idea envisioned for this town does not include its eventually being forced upon all, become a Venus Project type thing (as much as I admire Peter Joseph’s intellect, and was riveted by and agreed with his Zeitgeist: The Movie documentary), then I admire the trailblazing of this small town and the people in it imagining and trying to implement better economic and governmental systems than our current ones.

The underlying system for the project, Contributionism, looks now to have a large voluntary component to it, and there are some likewise big claims being made about the prosperity to be expected from it by the participants of any UBUNTU/One Small Town project. If it works, and the voluntary nature remains, then the example will surely be noted and emulated elsewhere. I particularly like the built-in provision in the plan for those not participating in it to still be able to live in geographical near proximity to those who are, albeit, and correctly, without access to the spoils of the system’s success, should any materialize.

Good luck to them. I hope they’re able to try it.

Mayor Ron Higgins Makes History in North Frontenac

Mayor Ron Higgins successfully presented his plan for implementing the UBUNTU – ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada – and was given the full support of the Council to continue with the implementation. His closing words were “One small town, starts today.”

Composting 2.0

I stopped throwing organic matter into garbage cans almost 20 years ago, instead just tossing it into my yard in various spots as I go, where it quickly dries out and turns brown, and/or gets consumed by insect scavengers or animals, and then finally, whatever’s left, chopped fine and mixed into the yard by the lawn mower. Either way, it’s only briefly even noticeable, and only if you’re looking for it. Can’t imagine throwing wet organic stuff into a waste bin at this point. Might’ve gotten a composting barrel, but they were always clunky if cheap enough, and a bit expensive if not.

This is another matter, now, and probably an improvement over the lawn toss.

HomeBiogas Device Turns Food Waste into Clean Cooking Fuel and Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer

Imagine being able to turn your food waste into clean cooking gas and nutrient-rich fertilizer, while at the same time reducing potent greenhouse gases. This was the exact vision of Israeli-based HomeBiogas, which resulted in the creation of an affordable consumer appliance that efficiently produces sustainable fuel out of kitchen scraps.

Icelandic Resolve

I doubt they’re doing it for the complete & deeper reasons that matter to me, but happy to see that little island of integrity, however socialist, resist the siren song of totalitarian lunging Europe. Its people are said to be among the world’s happiest, in spite of the long dark winters, and I think they are the only place that prosecuted and jailed any bankers in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis & shakedown, and they told the European banks they do business with that they would not be paying the bill presented to them as its result. Some stalwart, spineful people up there at the top of the world.

Brussels SNUBBED: Iceland’s europhiles abandon hopes of joining EU amid public backlash

Following last month’s election, which saw a record eight parties join Reykjavik’s parliament, political leaders have been locked in tense coalition talks. Iceland’s centre-left Government applied to join the EU in July 2009 following the banking crisis that hit the country, but the negotiations were then scrapped by its successor in 2015.

Italian Decentralization

Whether Quebec, Scotland, Catalonia, The State of Jefferson, all movements and inclinations away from centralized authority are good news from a black sheep’s perspective, and for critical thinking, history aware people everywhere.

In light of the EU’s governing hierarchy, nothing like the U.S. even nominally, with the body with actual legal authority being a committee of unelected bureaucrats operating in parallel to and independently of the group of elected representatives sent by the EU’s member countries to Brussels, and thus already far more structurally totalitarian in fact and in potential, this is a particularly good thing. If the EU should fail as an entity, that would be best.

“It Could Open A Pandora’s Box”: Italy’s 2 Richest Regions Are Voting In Historic Autonomy Referendums

Voters in Italy’s two wealthiest northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto are voting on Sunday in referendums for greater autonomy from Rome, in which a positive outcome could fan regional tensions in Europe at a time when neighboring Spain is cracking down to prevent Catalonia from breaking away.

ZEVs in use

The technology involved apparently has critics, but this would seem to be at least marginally good news (leaving aside that I’m under the impression that zero emission vehicles and maybe free energy technology have both been possible for a very long time, but suppressed for the usual reasons).

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks are now moving goods around the Port of LA. The only emission is water vapor.

A concept version of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell truck is running short-haul drayage routes at the Port of Los Angeles as part of a feasibility study, which figures in to the port’s efforts to reduce harmful emissions. The truck will move goods from select Port of LA and Long Beach terminals to surrounding rail yards and warehouses for distribution.

Corbett & Rose: The Religion of Statism

I consider all civil interviews & open-minded discussions (as opposed to those acrimonious, combative, shrill & interruptive sorts one will often hear conducted by the anchors and hosts on CNN, MSNBC, & Fox) between thoughtful people of well considered opinion, principle & position to inherently be good news, hence their inclusion here on the The Black Sheep Herald, whether the content of said conversations be serious & dire or not. That is, I consider these types of conversations, both in tone and content, to be part of the solution, both long term and in the moment, and make the world a better place, right now.

This is a conversation between two pillars of the voluntarist community (aka voluntaryist, and has nothing to do with “volunteering”): James Corbett of the The Corbett Report, and Larken Rose, both major and prolific good guys in the libertarian and truther communities, and men I expect I could live happily and cooperatively in community with.

Here they civilly and interestingly discuss “statism” (the adverse of voluntarism), the longstanding and current paradigm of human society.

Interview 712 – Larken Rose on the Religion of Statism

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Larken Rose, the author of The Most Dangerous Superstition, joins us today on the program to explore the linkages between statism and religion. Is a belief in governmental authority analogous to religious belief? Or is it simply a religious belief in and of itself?