Italian Decentralization

Whether Quebec, Scotland, Catalonia, The State of Jefferson, all movements and inclinations away from centralized authority are good news from a black sheep’s perspective, and for critical thinking, history aware people everywhere.

In light of the EU’s governing hierarchy, nothing like the U.S. even nominally, with the body with actual legal authority being a committee of unelected bureaucrats operating in parallel to and independently of the group of elected representatives sent by the EU’s member countries to Brussels, and thus already far more structurally totalitarian in fact and in potential, this is a particularly good thing. If the EU should fail as an entity, that would be best.

“It Could Open A Pandora’s Box”: Italy’s 2 Richest Regions Are Voting In Historic Autonomy Referendums

Voters in Italy’s two wealthiest northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto are voting on Sunday in referendums for greater autonomy from Rome, in which a positive outcome could fan regional tensions in Europe at a time when neighboring Spain is cracking down to prevent Catalonia from breaking away.

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