Going Off the Groomed Trail

Having a Walden Two-ish aspect to it, so long as the idea envisioned for this town does not include its eventually being forced upon all, become a Venus Project type thing (as much as I admire Peter Joseph’s intellect, and was riveted by and agreed with his Zeitgeist: The Movie documentary), then I admire the trailblazing of this small town and the people in it imagining and trying to implement better economic and governmental systems than our current ones.

The underlying system for the project, Contributionism, looks now to have a large voluntary component to it, and there are some likewise big claims being made about the prosperity to be expected from it by the participants of any UBUNTU/One Small Town project. If it works, and the voluntary nature remains, then the example will surely be noted and emulated elsewhere. I particularly like the built-in provision in the plan for those not participating in it to still be able to live in geographical near proximity to those who are, albeit, and correctly, without access to the spoils of the system’s success, should any materialize.

Good luck to them. I hope they’re able to try it.

Mayor Ron Higgins Makes History in North Frontenac

Mayor Ron Higgins successfully presented his plan for implementing the UBUNTU – ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada – and was given the full support of the Council to continue with the implementation. His closing words were “One small town, starts today.”

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