Delingpole Talks With Legalman

Lee Gaulman – Legalman | The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

Lee Gaulman – Legalman – is a successful practising US attorney who has long since lost his faith in the US legal system. He talks to James about the true history of the US Civil War, why he can’t stand ‘Constitutional Conservatives’, why the Constitution doesn’t work and never did, about chemtrails, and about how to use the jury system to fight back.

One of my favorite aspects of the rise of libertarian thinking and of people willing to see and accept what actually happened in the past, and how things actually work, actually are, or at least probably, plausibly are, i.e., the ‘truth’ movement (which often then leads to libertarian thinking), is the convergence and alliance of various voices in those worlds.

It seems that people who are inclined to open-mindedly inquire about….whatever, and who are tempermentally suited to accepting whatever they might discover – that is, such people don’t care if George Washington did or did not have a moral conundrum over a cherry tree, are not personally invested in that story or any other – tend to find each other over time, and I have found that their discussions, however they might once have defined themselves politically, are almost invariably civil, good natured, informative, constructive, and building upon each other’s awarenesses and expertises, to be synergistic. But the tone alone indicates the value.

A society of people interacting like people do in these intersections would be a fine world to live in, I suspect. Good – and interesting – to listen to, these conversations and intersections are probably the most hope inspiring thing I’m aware of about humanity’s potential to climb out of the crab pot, some of of us, anyway.

This is a conversation between American attorney ‘Lee Gaulman’ of The Quash webcast (highest recommendation) and Englishman, James Delingpole, one likely an agnostic or atheist, the other fervently Christian, both formerly considering themselves conservatives of one form or another and thinking that the similar structures of government they each lived under were legitimate and controllable, now entirely disabused of that notion, both having looked behind the curtain, never to be able to unsee what’s back there, and, not wanting to.

Whether it’s Mark Crispin-Miller talking to Catherine Austin-Fitts, or Greg Reese talking with Celia Farber, these intersections are always good news, the best news, perhaps. Delingpole is unusually quiet in this one (he has a great webcast), mainly just listening to Gaulman, whose expertise in law is significant, the nuts and bolts legal perspective unusual, as is the stark directness of his message, one I have long shared, and which time has come, or so I hope.

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