Composting 2.0

I stopped throwing organic matter into garbage cans almost 20 years ago, instead just tossing it into my yard in various spots as I go, where it quickly dries out and turns brown, and/or gets consumed by insect scavengers or animals, and then finally, whatever’s left, chopped fine and mixed into the yard by the lawn mower. Either way, it’s only briefly even noticeable, and only if you’re looking for it. Can’t imagine throwing wet organic stuff into a waste bin at this point. Might’ve gotten a composting barrel, but they were always clunky if cheap enough, and a bit expensive if not.

This is another matter, now, and probably an improvement over the lawn toss.

HomeBiogas Device Turns Food Waste into Clean Cooking Fuel and Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer

Anna Hunt – The HomeBiogas device affordable consumer appliance that efficiently produces sustainable fuel out of kitchen scraps.

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