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Teeth & Gums Home Remedies

I have had, myself, definite success tamping down, and heading off at the pass, semi-regular and ever potential infections that want to develop around a loose rear molar I have, by using a few drops of Oreganol (concentrated oregano oil) along with a half-dropper full of something called Gum Guardian,…

Know Thine Enemy

Intelligent assessment is always good news, and as the gentleman rightly points out in the linked article, if any progress is ever to be made about that which perpetually and catastrophically ails and plagues human society, it will first be necessary to call a spade a spade.

Corbett & Rose: The Religion of Statism

I consider all civil interviews & open-minded discussions (as opposed to those acrimonious, combative, shrill & interruptive sorts one will often hear conducted by the anchors and hosts on CNN, MSNBC, & Fox) between thoughtful people of well considered opinion, principle & position to inherently be good news, hence their…