Allan Weisbecker talks with James Tracy

James Tracy is the professor who questioned the official story of Sandy Hook, bringing some not inconsiderable notoriety and trouble to himself, who here interviews a gentleman who made a film which goes a long way to making clear people’s apparently genetic aversion to critical thinking and, well, truth.

So, that’s not great news, but this conversation between these two thoughtful, intelligent and awake people very much is, and so it appears here, and I commend the entirety of their chat to your listening.

The Black Sheep

James Tracy interviews author, filmmaker, and lifetime surfing enthusiast Allan Weisbecker on the weekly interview program, Checkin’ It Out. The two discuss a variety of topics, including intellectual freedom, the doublethink phenomenon especially peculiar to America’s professional elite, and the curious impact events like the JFK assassination and 9/11 continue to have on public discourse and political life.

Weisbecker is the author of the classic titles, Cosmic Banditos (NAL Trade 1986), In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer’s Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road (Tarcher 2001), and Can’t You Get Along with Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir (Bandito Books 2007). He has also recently released a fascinating new film that he has been working on since 2007, Water Time: Surf Travel Diary of a MadMan. The film may be viewed free online by contacting Weisbecker via his website at

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