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Lee Gaulman – Legalman | The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

Lee Gaulman – Legalman – is a successful practising US attorney who has long since lost his faith in the US legal system. He talks to James about the true history of the US Civil War, why he can’t stand ‘Constitutional Conservatives’, why the Constitution doesn’t work and never did, about chemtrails, and about how to use the jury system to fight back.

One of my favorite aspects of the rise of libertarian thinking and of people willing to see and accept what actually happened in the past, and how things actually work, actually are, or at least probably, plausibly are, i.e., the ‘truth’ movement (which often then leads to libertarian thinking), is the convergence and alliance of various voices in those worlds.

It seems that people who are inclined to open-mindedly inquire about….whatever, and who are tempermentally suited to accepting whatever they might discover – that is, such people don’t care if George Washington did or did not have a moral conundrum over a cherry tree, are not personally invested in that story or any other – tend to find each other over time, and I have found that their discussions, however they might once have defined themselves politically, are almost invariably civil, good natured, informative, constructive, and building upon each other’s awarenesses and expertises, to be synergistic. But the tone alone indicates the value.

A society of people interacting like people do in these intersections would be a fine world to live in, I suspect. Good – and interesting – to listen to, these conversations and intersections are probably the most hope inspiring thing I’m aware of about humanity’s potential to climb out of the crab pot, some of of us, anyway.

This is a conversation between American attorney ‘Lee Gaulman’ of The Quash webcast (highest recommendation) and Englishman, James Delingpole, one likely an agnostic or atheist, the other fervently Christian, both formerly considering themselves conservatives of one form or another and thinking that the similar structures of government they each lived under were legitimate and controllable, now entirely disabused of that notion, both having looked behind the curtain, never to be able to unsee what’s back there, and, not wanting to.

Whether it’s Mark Crispin-Miller talking to Catherine Austin-Fitts, or Greg Reese talking with Celia Farber, these intersections are always good news, the best news, perhaps. Delingpole is unusually quiet in this one (he has a great webcast), mainly just listening to Gaulman, whose expertise in law is significant, the nuts and bolts legal perspective unusual, as is the stark directness of his message, one I have long shared, and which time has come, or so I hope.

A(nother) Very ThoughtFul Chat

As previously stated (and as will be repeatedly stated hereafter), far more now than any information or perspective I’m ever exposed to, I increasingly trust the tone of the interactions I hear and witness; the civility, reciprocity, thoughtfulness, humor and open-mindedness of those interacting, or the lack thereof, and which are, especially taken together, I find, easy and highly reliable gauges of the sincerity of the speakers, and of whether the information or perspective being shared is potentially worthwhile, or not.

This is one such conversation between people (Greg Reese and Celia Farber) displaying the above traits, one of many I regularly hear and seek out, and this and conversations like it, the tone of it, is one reason I don’t despair for the state of the world, as one might easily and justifiably do.

Neither of these two people believe, with very good and well considered reason, I think, that almost anything at all we are presented with as the news of the day or the events of the moment are actually as or what they seem, and both would be, and are – by the kind of people not exhibiting the above traits, especially those that work in the kinds of influential jobs and in the kinds of influential places where the above traits are hugely frowned upon and heavily penalized – derided, disingenously and cynically, as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or alt-right extremists, but they are neither, and I find their discussion here, and others like it, to be among the most hopeful indicators for the future, one I hope and expect could look very unlike our present.

A Casual Conversation with Celia Farber

The Sunday afternoon podcast with Greg Reese

Sticking His Neck Out (again)

He’s probably not all the way down the rabbit hole, but I have to admire ol’ Slowhand for putting himself in the crosshairs about the shots (and his own adverse effect), and now his support of the vilified Mr. Kennedy.

I find it notably self-corroborating as to being, at least energetically, if not informationally, on the right track, that all truth seeking roads seem to converge, and not even all that gradually, that partisanship falls immediately away, and, also, that courtesy and civility between and among most, or maybe all, of the people sincerely following these converging paths is usually present, and rancor absent. 

Not unlike the difference between a dog instinctively wagging its tail or growling at someone, that’s my real barometer now, and I never ignore it.

DEC. ’23 UPDATE: Mr Kennedy’s head scratching support for Israel under apparently any circumstances has since (I originally posted this) cast a cloud over his public office venture and his character, alas, particularly considering his family’s past (which is possibly the explanation for it, as well), but Clapton’s gesture is not diminished by that.

Eric Clapton helps raise $1 million for RFK Jr. campaign

Eric Clapton helped raise $1 million for Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign at a private fundraiser on Monday night, Kennedy’s campaign announced Tuesday. Clapton and his band performed at an event, which raised a total of $2.2 million, including $1 million for Kennedy’s campaign and $1.2 million for a political action committee…

Some Food Freedom Gains (sort of)

Big Year for Raw Milk in State Houses

Graphic: Real Milk Legal Map Click here to view the updated Raw Milk Legal Map, color index, and state-by-state status Over the past decade or so, a growing number of states have passed laws to either legalize the sale of raw milk and raw milk products or increase access to raw dairy; no year has been as productive as 2023.

Freedom, and ultimately this is about freedom of association, will never be attained by voting, or the proxy voting of already or always about to be captured representatives that we plead our cases to, make our preferences known to, beg for different, better treatment from, but the more local and more diffuse these occurrences, the better.

Teeth & Gums Home Remedies

No root canal, no problem: how I’ve treated a very painful, problem tooth for 13 years without getting a root canal; and the healthiest drink everyone needs to know how to make – The COVID Blog®

by Brian A. Wilkins Editor-in-Chief October 27, 2022 SOMEWHERE IN THE BOONDOCKS – It almost happened this time. I was about an hour away from

I have had, myself, definite success tamping down, and heading off at the pass, semi-regular and ever potential infections that want to develop around a loose rear molar I have, by using a few drops of Oreganol (concentrated oregano oil) along with a half-dropper full of something called Gum Guardian, an herbal mouth rinse. Good combo, and Oreganol is pretty impressive. Like the garlic effect description in the linked article, it burns and seems to kill everything, and I have learned that I need to pull the fluid mixture around in my mouth very aggressively to get the concoction below/above the gum line, where the infection is.

When already ‘horse has left the barn’ infected, I also have done sea or himalayan salt water rinses (I hear sea is better for this), and c. silver (separately). The salt clearly helps, not sure about the silver, but the oreganol seems most potent of all. I just rinse my mouth aggressively most days now, and so far, have kept the tooth in my mouth, and most new infections at bay.

Am going to try the garlic remedy in this article, and the tea to see about its systemic effect.